How to Keep Your Car in Excellent Condition

Taking care of your carTaking care of your car properly may not be as menacing of a challenge as it seems. Even if you may not be much of a mechanic or handyman, here are some things you may be able to do from the comfort of your own home to keep your car in tip top shape. Taking great care of your car will have you feeling like a mechanic in no time. Be careful who you tell about your newfound expertise however, as you may wind up fixing their cars next!

1. This is one of the easiest, most beneficial things you can do for your car. In order to protect the longevity of your engine, make sure that you regularly check the oil in your car, as well as the oil filter.

2. Keeping regular tabs on your tire pressure will not only assure you of safer driving conditions, but it will also help you get the longest life out of your tires. This will also result in a slight boost in your MPG (miles per gallon) as well.

tire pressure3. Regularly check for odd noises or smells coming from your car. Checking for anything out of the ordinary can help you identify a problem and get it fixed sooner, which is always better.

4. Following up on tip number 3, is to always be aware of any check engine lights or anything similar that may appear. Having these fixed in a timely fashion can make sure they do not lead to something more serious.

5. Changing your sparks and wires when necessary. This does not cost too much, and can be very beneficial for your car. Most manufacturers recommend changing them every 30,000 miles. This will help to improve your average MPG, and keep your engine firing consistently.

6. This tip may not improve your engine much, but it will keep your wallet safe! Always remember to wash your car during the winter to prevent rust build up. This especially goes for those of you who live in states that get a lot of snow.

sun bleached interior7. In order to keep your car’s interior looking as new as possible you will always want to try to avoid parking in direct sunlight. A sun bleached interior can really hurt the value of a car.

8. Fixing your sun bleached car interior. With a little knowhow or reading of the instruction manual, you can remove the seats from your car and fix this problem yourself with ease. You can paint it back to its original or any other color you prefer. Most people recommend cloth interiors with the “Simply Spray Fabric Paint.” brand.

When using all of the previous newfound methods in conjunction this is a surefire way to keep any car happy and running for as long as possible. These methods can also help you increase or maintain the value of your car, and some of them even pay for themselves by offering better gas mileage once finished. If you have plans on selling, be sure to document these changes and keep a record, if even only for yourself to know when these should be done again.

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